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Hiller Vertical Challenge 2006 / Anyone go?

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Dec 19, 2002
Los Altos, CA
San Carlos Airport hosted Verticle Challenge 2006. Who went?

I went. Crowdwise it wasn't too bad. I'd say displays were 'on
par' with previous years. Perhaps a few less -60 variants. No SH-
3. I don't know if they're still flying.

I think the crowds were less than in previous years.

Radio usage was pretty much as per last year.

ATIS/125.900 125.9000
CTAF/119.000 119.0000
Unicom/122.950 122.9500
Ground/121.600 121.6000

Show Coordination:
451.1750 CTCSS 94.8Hz
451.8250 DCS 155
Ch#1/456.925 DCS 245
457.3000 DCS 306
464.5000 DCS 731
464.5500 DCS 412
469.5500 DCS 412
Hiller/464.825 CTCSS 82.5Hz

Air Control:
Airshow Discrete 127.0500
Air/Ground Boss 126.4000

New finds:
457.1250 DCS 365
463.7375 CTCSS 100.0Hz
CA/CivilAirPatrl 399.9750/FM (No Tone)
468.3000 DCS 115
469.5000 DCS 132

Interesting find is that the California Civil Air Patrol folks were
using ISR radios. 399.975 is ISR Channel #14. Originally developed
for the USMC as a 'replacement' for FRS radios, these radios haven't
seen a lot of use. This was my first find.

Once again, I have to give Uniden's CloseCall a great big kudos.
Trying to find UHF business band frequencies in the Bay area is very
challenging, almost impossible. The radio usage is so dense here
that the raio will stop on almost every frequency between 450-
470MHz. CloseCall made it very east to find the new frequencies.


DB Admin
Dec 19, 2002
I actually noticed CAP using those radios in Santa Maria a year or so ago at an airshow. I'm guessing they're now widely distributed to groups like that.


Jul 15, 2004
Weren't they in Hayward????

IF I remember correctly It was in Hayward at least once..
I missed this year but I defntly want too attend next...

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