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Homebrew on Homepatrol-1

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Dec 19, 2002
North Texas
And this does WHAT ???

Is it just a way to show a flash screen?
It is just a simple program that scrolls a message up the screen. Nothing too exciting to the average person. This is just a proof of concept, and is not a trivial task. He modified the firmware to load custom code from the SD card prior to the OS booting up.

The implications of this are huge, in that, he can have virtually unlimited tests by loading a modified ROM image from the SD card. Rather then burning up limited ROM rewrites after each modification.

Learn to control the RF section. Figure out how to change frequencies, steps, modulation, etc. Then get it to recognize sync patterns for MPT-1327, NXDN, DMR, ProVoice, OpenSky, etc. Start assembling the trunking packets and dump them out the serial dumper interface. These are the interesting things.. :D
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