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HomePatrol 1 reception in Delaware County

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Nov 27, 2016
Hello all;

Please forgive the newbie question. I have a HomePatrol1 scanner. I've got it programmed from the most current database, but reception is still pretty poor. I've replaced the stock attn with something recommended off eBay, but reception hasn't improved much.

I get weather loud and clear. I've turned off attn, etc. occasionally I hear EMS dispatch, but I thought the airwaves would be more busy around Muncie.

Should I continue to spend money on this thing?

I know the HP2 is out and that works with APCO Project 25 Phase 2. I believe HP1 only does Phase 1. I don't know if the systems in my area are moving to Phase II. I was thinking about buying an outdoor antenna, the extreme upgrade firmware, and perhaps the ARC PATROL software.

Also, any recommendations on an external attn? Perhaps attic?

Thanks for your insights. I continue to do much searching on the Internet since I'm new to scanners and also amateur radio.

- Scott


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Dec 18, 2002
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Make sure you have the proper systems in it, the newest firmware, etc.... Delaware County is on the SAFE-T TRS, currently the Motorola Type II but will be on the P25 once the conversion for that area is done which should be first week of December if no further delays. The P25 SAFE-T is Phase I, and will be for an couple of years. Phase II implementation is not slated to begin until closer to 2020.
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