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How to Build An amateur Radiotelescope

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Jan 20, 2014
Good Moorning,
I'm a radio amateur with a passion for radio astronomy and long I have the desire to build an amateur radio telescope so searching the web I found this interesting site Radioastronomia, Progettazione e produzione di sistemi elettronici avanzati - Radioastronomia e Progettazione Sistemi Elettronici Avanzati! In particular I found this interesting PDF:

http://www.radioastrolab.it/pdf/How to build an Amateur Radio Telescope: The MicroRAL10+RAL126 ENG Kit.pdf

What do you think about it?


Nov 11, 2004
Central, South Carolina
I went to PARI in Rosman, NC and got a chance to observe Radio Jove, it was really neat but you had to have a very large outside ground antenna.

The Radio JOVE project is a hands-on inquiry-based educational project that allows students, teachers and the general public to learn about radio astronomy by building their own radio telescope from an inexpensive kit and/or using remote radio telescopes through the internet. Participants also collaborate with each other through interactions and sharing of data on the network.

The Radio JOVE project began in 1998. Since then, more than 1100 teams of students and interested individuals have purchased our non-profit radio telescope kits and are learning radio astronomy by building and operating a radio telescope. This self-supporting program continues to thrive and inspire new groups of students as well as individuals

Item # RJK: Complete Radio JOVE Kit $210 + shipping
This complete kit includes the unbuilt Radio JOVE Receiver Kit (RJR), Antenna Kit (RJA), printed construction manuals, RJ Reference CD (RJC), the Educational CD (RJJ), Radio-SkyPipe, and Radio-Jupiter Pro software Licenses. (Note: Kit does not include antenna support structure.)
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