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HP 2 Extreme Update

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Jun 20, 2007
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No. ID search is already in the HP2 without the extreme update.

You must set it between search and scan in the Sentinel software and it can only be used in a favorites list (not the full database).

If you do get the extreme update, you can toggle search/scan for trunked systems on the radio itself. I think you need to do it in Sentinel without the extreme update.



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May 8, 2004
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I don't understand-- what do you mean "between search and scan"?
ID Scan will only receive the talkgroups that you have programmed, providing that the talkgroup is not avoided (locked out) and it is not in a system or department that is avoided.

ID Search, on the other hand, will receive any active talkgroup on the system, providing (once again) that the talkgroup is not avoided (locked out) and it is not in a system or department that is avoided.

If it is a talkgroup that you have programmed, you would see whatever text tag you have associated with it. If it is active, but not programmed (and also, again, not avoided in the ways mentioned) you would only see the TGID. Then, if it appears to be used for something that you want to listen to, you can add it to the system, and once you determine agency & usage, add the appropriate text tag.
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