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Hytera XPT DMR

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Mar 10, 2013
Buxton, ME
I'm using the BCD436HP with the latest firmware. I’ve found three 150MHz band channels in my area that show “XPT” on the display when receiving the regular burst from the repeater every few seconds much like you see with the MotoTRBO Connect Plus systems.

Each of these channels belongs to a different license (current or previous 5 channel LTR systems) but all are owned the same company, so I’m reasonably confident that they may be networked.

In more than a week of monitoring, the same channel on each license carries the regular “keep alive” burst and traffic is also only on that one channel i.e., the "keep alive" doesn’t rotate about the channels.

If you park the radio on any of these channels during a search, they decode conversations fine and display Net 0 and Site 0 in all cases. Is this typical of XPT networked systems, or are they, in fact, single channel XPT systems?

For now, I programmed the three frequencies into a "MotoTRBO Trunked"-type system, set each LCN as 1. Traffic is decoding fine, but so far, I’ve not seen conversations flow across different channels.

What I have noticed is that the TGID is sometimes wrongly decoded. For example, UID 5403 talking on TGID 54 often displays as UID 5403 and TGID 2097206. I’ve seen the same with other TGs. This seems to happen fairly consistently perhaps around 50% of the time. A bug perhaps? I receive a full quieting signal from all three repeaters, so I doubt weak signal is the cause.

Interested in hearing anyone else’s experiences.




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Dec 19, 2002
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If it shows the TGID as 5403 (same as RID), could it be that it is a private call? I've seen some stuff that looks like that in DSDPlus when they call each other on private calls...
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