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I just don't get it, storing info and RR data base.

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May 30, 2006
Manteca CA
Maybe I'm just stuck on the old way of programming (other than the 500)in the information just the way I want it.

I can import the info that I want from the r.r. data base with no problem. However, I just don't like the alpha tags that are used since the tags don't really give the information I want to view. So far, I've been able to tell using the LED feature of this scanner.

What I would like to be able to do is set the scanner up like I have on my 396.

For me, scanning is a hobby rather than a necessity. For that reason, I have the 396 set up by bank,then groups of cities, by type of agency(LE, Fire, EMS....)for that city .

For example, bank 1 would be San Joaquin County, Group one would be all LE agencies , group two would be all fire agencies, group three would be EMS, of course all broken down by cities.

For the 500, I haven't been able to figure out a similar plan that I use in the 396. I understand about the scan list, but is there a better way to achieve what I'm doing with the 396?

As it stands now, the alpha tags that I get from RR download, just doesn't cut it for me. I'm stuck doing a lot of editing of the alpha tags for the way I like it.

Any suggestions?
Aug 2, 2004
South Jordan, Utah
So is the issue you are expressing one with the alpha tags in the RR download or the organization of the TGs in the scanner? Or maybe both...

Personally I don't download from RR as it is not the way I like it. My home system is a large Motorola and I have over 600 TGs. They have all been entered by me into programing software and I work hard to keep a naming convention and a specific order.

Would I like to be able to just pull it down from RR... Sure! Is that a reality considering that everybody names and organizes different... No chance...

As to the organization of the TGs in your scanner. I am assuming that individual scan lists don't give you enough lists and that is where you are having issue. If you had just a police and fire for each city you could only have 10 cities.

If my assumption is correct the only option you would have is to change the way you organize or to make use of V-Scanners to hold other configurations for other cities. This of course would not allow you to listen to everything at one time.

I have mine setup so SL 20 is an everything list and that the other 19 are broken up into various functional groups. Some are just PD or FIRE and others are groups of various "like" channels. For example I have one SL that is just Operations and Regional channels for the entire system I am scanning.

I came from the Uniden world and I had to change the way I did thing, but I like the GRE setup a lot more not that I have been working with it for a bit.
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