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I know the tail #, but can't find the ADS-B Hex code

Aug 22, 2014
municipality of great state of insanity
Alright folks, ye that be more learned in this fine art, I feel I have done
my due diligence and now request help. I have been trying to figure out
the hex codes to a small handfull of planes off and on over the past year
with no success.

In some cases I can find out nearly everything about them except the
hex code. If anyone knows a way to find them or strategies to find tricky
ones in general (beyond the obvious Google, FAA databases, Joe Baughner
etc) I would be much appreciative.

Specifically I am looking for:

Serial Type CN Unit

96-6048 UC-27B 208B-0449 427th SOS fiscal year not sure, read as 66048

98-6022 UC-27B ? 427th SOS fiscal year not sure, read as 86022 (might have been 66022?)

90-0168 C-41A 336 ?

Actual tail # General type
------------- --------------
00178 CASA212

00178 is similar in appearance to pics one finds of 90-0168

If you have a special secret technique but you don't want to reveal your methods, thats OK by me. I'll be fine with you just telling me the HEX code of any of them :)