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I need a Sencore Expert

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Nov 18, 2006
Recently I found an old radio meter used for CBs called "Sencore CB41." I took this to my local radio shop and the reason for doing so is because the owner tests all of his radios with the same thing. I figured he would test it out and tell me if it was in working order. He hooked it up and tested it. He said it needs calibrated, and right away he said he wasnt going to do it because it take ATLEAST 4 hours. I dont believe that. I took it apart and there are 5 'things' knobs whatever they are called (sorry i dont know how to explain it) and started to mess with it. I had no idea if they are in the correct spot and still dont. How could i? How do i calibrate this thing??? Next day i call Sencore and talk to a lady and asked her if there was any documents on how to calibrate it. She said all they had were manuals and schematics, and nothing on calibrating probabily because it was made in 1973. Thats where i end my story. Any help would be great! need pictures ill upload them. Thanks. :)
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