Icom: Icom IC-745 tune problem


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May 14, 2013
Calgary, AB

I have an Icom IC-745 radio that has a new problem.

When you power the radio on, the frequency indicator and the radio itself starts to constantly tuning
down all the bands at a slow but steady pace without touching the knob.

If I hit the lock button it will stop tuning down but nothing else will stop it.

If I try to tune it back up with the main tuning knob it will go up fast or slow depending on how fast
you are with your finger of course and it will also go down as well with various speed as well if you
turn it the other way - but as soon as you let go of the tuning knob – it starts to go back down fairly
slowly by itself.

You can change bands normally but if you select band it will also start to skip thru each band by
itself again too. It looks like something broke with the main tuning knob?

Or something is wrong there, it could be the VFO unit itself or maybe something in the logic.

Have any of you seen this before and do you have any suggestions?

Feb 4, 2018
IC-745 Tune problem

Hello Dave.
Did you solve this problem?
I have the same problem. I have just fixed power dc in plug, and now I have this problem. I guess I made some short circuit somewhere very close to dc power plug, because that's the only place I was messing around, but I'm not sure.
If you have fixed your radio could you please tell me what was the problem?