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Oct 13, 2005
Murray, KY
Anyone interested in this radio. I have had it for about ten years. Thing about it is that it will charge the battery but will not operate unless plugged into the ICOM BM-76A transformer. Even then it will not transmit. It just flashes the xmit light briefly and if you put it on a WX freq, it just will just break the squelch frequently when it builds up enough power. The battery shows 5.56 volts. The backlight will stay on for 5 seconds as normal when pushed but it has to be on the transformer. You can flip through all the channels and set them for dual or Tri scanning freqs.

I know one of you could fix it and would have a nice, small 5 watt hand-held marine radio.

I just have the ICOM IC-M9 with ICOM FA-150T antenna, CM-89 Battery Pack, and the transformer. No manuals, box or anything else. No scratches on the glass. In pretty good shape for being used when I owned a marina for five years. I will take $35.00 plus whatever kind of shipping you want.

I am posting this on the For Sale forum too.

Best regards, Paul
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