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In love with the toilet ;)

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Jan 18, 2004
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Police in western Kansas are investigating what they call a bizarre case of a woman they said sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years.

Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said the boyfriend called the Sheriff's office late last month to report that something was wrong with his girlfriend.

The sheriff said the woman's muscles had atrophied and that medical personnel had to remove her from the toilet because she was bound to it by "natural means."

Whipple said the woman initially refused ambulance service and didn't want to leave. Officers say she is hospitalized in Wichita but is refusing to talk to authorities. Her boyfriend said she stayed in the bathroom on her own free will.

Whipple said the boyfriend called police on February 27th to
report that "there was something wrong with his girlfriend,"
never explaining why it took him two years to call.

He said the boyfriend had brought the woman food and water
during the two years and told investigators he asked her daily to
come out of the bathroom, but she would not.

Ness County Attorney, Craig Crosswhite released a statement regarding the case on Thursday. Crosswhite said he will be reviewing the Sheriff's report and afterwards will file necessary legal proceedings in Ness County District Court. He said he will consult with the Kansas Attorney General's Office concerning the nature and extent of possible charges which can be pursued. ;) Now Is this good wasteland material or what?

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