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Indianapolis Radio Club Hilltops & Treetops On-the-air Event

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The Indianapolis Radio Club Hilltops & Treetops On-the-air Event, aka IRC Hilltop Contest, will be this Saturday, September 17, from 8am to 12noon (EDT).

The object of the event is to amateur radio on-the-air participation while contacting as many of the registered hill top and park stations as possible.

Bands and modes used for the event will be 80m SSB, 10m SSB and FM, 6m SSB and FM, 2m SSB and FM, and APRS on 2m.

You can find more information about the event at: http://indyradioclub.org/irchilltop2011.html

I participated in this event last year as a single-op station and had a great time. I drove to a high spot in Morgan-Monroe State Forest and set up dipoles for 80m and 6m using a temporary mast attached to my vehicle and I put up a 2m vertical. All contacts were made with a single Icom IC-746Pro running off of a large UPS battery. This was my first time setting up such a station in the field by myself, so it was challenging, but very rewarding when I finished second in the contest.

This year, I will be joining forces with Dillman's Amateur Radio Experimenters using the callsign KO9F. We'll have probably 8 transmitters and at least 6 operators on the air from a private park north of Martinsville, Indiana.
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