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Investing in a new scanner.

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May 23, 2003
When my Pro96 dies I won't be buying another scanner. I have my HAM license so if anything I'll buy a 2M HT with the weather band. Why? lets look at some of the things I could hear 20 years ago that I can't now.
1 - Ambulances (all moved to LINC.)
2 - State EMA (LINC except for those UHF repeaters they never use.)
3 - Alabama Power (LINC)
4 - Hospital / Ambulance (Cell Phones or LINC due to HIPAA)
5 - Moody & soon to be ST.Clair CO. Fire (MotoTRBO)
6 - Trussville Fire (testing MotoTRBO & I'm sure will be moving to it soon.)
7 - Almost ALL commercial / business users. (LINC, NEXTEL or MotoTRBO)
9 - Federal stuff (DES Encryption)
10 - Cellular & Cordless (various digital platforms)* I mention this for informational purposes
only as the ECPA of 1987 prohibits monitoring these!

Yes, the Birmingham / Jefferson CO. SmartZone system host's a lot of local agencies, some still
in the analog mode but I'll bet encryption isn't far away. Just my opinion.


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Aug 5, 2006
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Well on the Trbo side provided they aren't encrypted you can monitor with DSD (see our wiki), but I'll concede that since it requires a PC, Linux, and a tapped scanner, it isn't an ideal solution...


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Nov 27, 2008
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Add one more to your list.

11) Ham Radio Repeaters. Some are going to D-Star. At least you can still buy a D-Star Radio and listen in.

Thanks to Digital Communications your list could grow in the future.
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