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BC796D: Issues programming Bell Fleetnet into BC796D.

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Feb 26, 2016
Hello everybody,

I have recently acquired a Uniden BC796D scanner and I am trying to program into it Bell Fleetnet, specifically OPP for Burlington and Niagara. I have tried doing so both by hand and using ProScan with no luck. I am able to program in the base frequencies and offsets, tower freq, and talk groups, etc etc but one im done all of that is still says "SCAN" instead of "ID SCAN". I have been doing some research into it, and after 7 or 8 attempts I have been unsuccessful. The scanner does have the Digital card inserted in it and it is running on firmware version 3.27. I know this is a fairly older model scanner, but if someone could please help me out or guide me to a place that can help me that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

Not open for further replies.