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Jan. 1 changes - Berks County

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Feb 12, 2005
Pennsylvania, USA
As I have it right now, there will be a few changes to remember come Midnight tonight concerning Berks County.

1. Kenhorst Borough will be covered by the Reading Police as of 12:01am. Cumru Township's contract with the borough expires at Midnight.

2. St. Lawrence Borough will be covered by Central Berks Regional Police as of 12:01am. Exeter Township's contract with the borough expires at Midnight.

3. Robesonia Borough and Wernersville Borough Police Departments will cease operations at Midnight. Western Berks Regional Police Department will commence operations at 12:01am and will cover those municipalities. No word yet on what radio identifier they will be using, but rumor is that Western Berks Regional PD will be using Wernersville's old ID.

Anything else I am missing? Please reply to this thread!

Happy New Year!

Feb 12, 2005
Pennsylvania, USA
Breaking news! Berks changes pd id system!

Copied directly from the Berks County Communications Center website as of 0039 hrs.

Active NOW.


Law Enforcement Radio Designators

Effective January 1, 2010

Click Links below to download
Berks County Police Radio Designators PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Berks County Police Radio Designators Handout (PDF)

New Radio Designator Format

The new designators will utilize the following format:

MN – Municipal Number
FN – Numeric Function Identifier
SN – Sequential Number of that Function Type in service / Beat Number

Municipal Number (2 digits), Function Number (2 digits),
Sequential Function Number (1 or 2 digits – from 1 to 99)

Using this format:

A Cumru Township Patrol Unit will be identified as 34 -01-1.
This designator should be pronounced as "Thirty-four, one, one".

A Cumru Township PD Investigator will be identified as 34-03-2.
This designator should be pronounced as "Thirty-Four, three, two".

Municipal Numbers
23 Central Berks Regional 49 Womelsdorf Borough
25 Exeter Township 53 Lower Heidelberg Township
26 Amity Township 54 Bern Township
27 Douglass Township 57 Bernville Borough
29 Birdsboro Borough 61 Tilden Township
31 Robeson Township 64 Bethel Township
32 Caernarvon Township 65 Tulpehocken Township
33 Brecknock Township 66 Muhlenberg Township
34 Cumru Township 67 Laureldale Borough
35 Mohnton Borough 72 Northern Berks Regional
36 Shillington Borough 76 Hamburg Borough
38 West Reading Borough 81 Kutztown Borough
39 Wyomissing Borough 83 Fleetwood-Richmond
43 Spring Township 85 Berks-Lehigh Regional
44 Sinking Spring Borough 92 Oley Township
45 South Heidelberg Township 94 Boyertown Borough
46 Western Berks Regional 95 Colebrookdale Township
48 Heidelberg Township 98 Bally Borough

Non-Municipal Numbers
2 Berks County District Attorney's Office Detectives
3 Blue Marsh Ranger
4 French Creek State Park
5 Hopewell Park Ranger
6 County Parks
7 Youth Center
8 Adult Probation
9 Coroner's Office
10 Juvenile Probation
11 DUI Center
13 Radio Maintenance
14 Berks County Prison
15 Penn State Berks Police
16 Kutztown University Police
17 Berks County Sheriff's Office

Numeric Function Identifier
0 - Plain Clothes Specialized or Patrol Unit
1 - Patrol Unit
2 - Supervisory Unit
3 - Investigator
4 - Traffic Unit
5 - Traffic Unit (Accident Investigation)
6 - Warrant Unit
7 - Transport Unit
8 - PFA Unit
9 - Canine Unit
10 - Forensics Unit
12 - Tactical Unit

Berks County Constables:

Constables shall use the following format:

The word "Constable" followed by the Municipality Number for the municipality where
they are an elected official. Where there is more than one constable elected in a
municipality, the constable shall use their precinct / ward number.

The constable for Kutztown Borough from Ward 1 shall use the radio designator of:
Constable 81-1 (pronounced "Eight-one, one").



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Feb 22, 2008
WOW....That's confusing. Too many numbers. I like Chester County's system, which is similar, except the "Function Number" is actually a letter.

01-A-1 (Zero One Adam One) would be Chief of West Chester
38-P-3 (Thirty Eight Paul Three) would be a patrol unit for Valley Twp.
Feb 12, 2005
Pennsylvania, USA
I agree...I also never saw this move coming until about 2 hours until midnight on 31DEC...I started hearing the new numbers and said to myself "This is odd...", and then I went and checked Berks' 911 website and voila, new protocol.

And as a former resident of Downington, I agree. They should have used a letter. Would have been easier. Now I have to carry a wallet card to remember all of that.
Apr 20, 2005
California, PA
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