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Jax Skyway, Mia People Mover, Sunrail & Tri-Rail

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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Nov 18, 2015
Near Some Towers
I rode the Jax Skyway the other day (Awesome trip) & along with the above listed rail services I've traveled on they all have on board surveillance cameras, none of the local buffs I'm acquainted with seem to know their frequencies or if they are monitored live in real time or if they are set up to record, store & forward by alarm activation, on demand or downloaded upon lay up. I've monitored the usual wireless camera frequencies, checked for discrete video data streams on the various frequencies associated with their rail operations & nothing, zip, nada. Can't ask the Tri-Rail engineers because they seem to be totally isolated from the public now that their replacing the once passenger friendly front view Bombardier cab control cars with the Hyundai Rotem's & the remaining Bombardier Cab Control cars are now totally roped off from the upper deck stair to the engineers cab & the G4S guards are always standing there looking like: Don't even. Anybody here have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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