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Jefferson Co

Nov 24, 2018
Gardendale, AL
I’m looking at purchasing a WS-1040 to monitor Jefferson Co and Birmingham. Would this be the best route or do I need to make a larger investment and go with the TRX1? I would also like to, potentially, monitor the new AFRN...
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Aug 16, 2002
To be honest with you I am not familiar with Whistler scanners. The new jeffco p 25 system is not completely up and running the projeced data is June of this year. Not trying to discourage you. It could depend on your location. I would Google p 25 lsm and try to understand it. All p 25 simulcast sites suffer from this.

As for the non simulcast afrn sites any radio that will do phase 1 will work. From what I have Read the top of the line Whistler trx 2 is a good choice