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Jefferson County E.M.A. Sirens?

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Jun 16, 2014
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The Jefferson County EMA has 2 Frequencies, and a talk group channel on the Jefferson County Public Services Trunking System. the 2 Frequencies are:
KXK336: 154.025 (which also says something about Paging Rec. on the FCC database)
WNHT860: 453.300

The question i have is which frequency do they activate the sirens with? It looks like the sirens have VHF antennas on them. and they talk to the "stations on the net" during the first Wednesday of the month, and give out everything for Jefferson county (flood warnings, etc.) on 453.3 and 800mhz trunking, but i never hear anything on 154.025, which I am sure is simplex, because it's just one way communication (EMA-to-sirens), I was just wondering if I could set up some kind of Motorola Quick Call or DTMF alert feature if they have a siren activation tone, and what frequency to program it to.
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