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Just captured SICH-1M ???

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Jan 7, 2010
Southern, IN
Captured a very long audio file and ran it through WXtoIMG and it showed a snowy black non-image and it displayed "SICH1M at 2015-2-11 22:01UTC". Thought I was going to capture something from ISS because it as flying directly overhead at the same time but?????? Newb to all this so don't know exactly what I captured.

Recorded audio with Audacity
about 8 minutes worth...This screengrab of SDR Sharp was towards the end of the broadcast and signal was waning quite a bit.

Should I try to "decode" with some other program or is it highly possible I don't quite know how to use WXtoIMG?


Jan 4, 2015
Deep River, Ont
The ISS, and the world, is celebrating 60 years since Yuri Gregarin first went to space.
What you may have copied, especially since the station was overhead at the time, was Narrow Band SSTV.
They occasionally send down pictures to commemorate Yuri's success.
Use MMSTV and (??)190 to copy it.
The frequency you are showing is a bit off, but close to their official 145.800 downlink.

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