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Kansas City P25 Live Feed online

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Feb 3, 2011
I think I have everything fixed and up and running. Kansas City Fire and Police is back up and running on the P25 digital. It is still being improved and I'm still learning but it looks like we are good to go. I am trying to adjust the volume issue and I got all the feedback and questions you asked incorporated as best I could. Shoal Creek PD should be on and I included North KC, Gladstone, and Riverside and Interop talkgroups. Not sure how well they are working yet time will tell. I cannot separate Police from Fire unless I buy another scanner and that's not an option now. Let me know what you think.
Oct 13, 2006

they were doing some testing Sat night on a new talkgroup...looked it up and it said "School" ....I also here the Motorola tech's doing "radio test 1 2 3 testing"....sound's like there "tweaking" I would call it...It seems to me my 106 is picking them up much better now....I also use the "paper clip" as an antenna on the unit instead of the 800meg antenna when in the house....no other info on this site...everyone is laying low on this site...W A K E UP.....everyone......

pro106 & 197
Mar 14, 2010
Dividing speakers

I've been listening to other feed around the country. Is it an option for you to split the audio to fire/ems in one speaker and PD in the other.
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