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Kinetic ModeS-ADS-B 1090MHz Puck and SDR Puck

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Dec 19, 2002
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From the Kinetic website on November 24,2012.

The 1090 PUCK and SDR PUCK have arrived and worked first time. Thats great news for us and great news for you.
They're going through testing at the moment and the packaging is being finalised, so they'll be hitting the dealers very soon.

Both units are powered from the USB port and feature the same legendary sensitivity and quality that Kinetic products are known for. They work out the box with Basestation, so if you've got a pretty configured setup on your laptop, there's no need to change a thing when you go portable.

The 1090 PUCK is low cost and designed to offer our customers all the advantages of on-board decoding without demand on the PC processor. So you get all the Kinetic quality in a small and robust product. Supplied completed with our Basestation software and antenna, it is truly the most professional portable unit.

The SDR PUCK is low cost and designed to offer our customers all the advantages of the SBS-3 SDR Receiver without the need to use a 1090 device. So now, AIS, ACARS and other radio interested users can received and decode specialist radio without the need for the SBS-3.

Information and Photos:


Jun 26, 2013
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Any news about release date ?

I asked many times to Kinetic Avionics about release date of PUCK 1090, but no reply at all.
Someone has more news ( date, price, availability ) ?
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