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Laird PC804N to Uniden 436HP

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Jul 2, 2009
Good evening,

I purchased a Laird PC804N to help with simulcast distortion issues I'm having; I forgot to account for an adapter between the two. I'm pretty sure I'm overcomplicating this but I just can't seem understand electronic connections.

The antenna is the Laird PC804N with a Pigtail mounted N-female connector: https://www.lairdtech.com/products/pc-series-yagi-antennas

For my 436HP I have SMA Male to BNC female connector as well as the female SMA on the scanner.

I can get an N Male to SMA male: https://www.showmecables.com/n-male...MIkcapioLu3AIVgbrACh2kFgCbEAQYASABEgJCffD_BwE


I can get an N Male to BNC Male: https://www.centricrf.com/adapters/...MIzrGm4IHu3AIVBA9pCh1K_AJKEAkYAyABEgLmtvD_BwE

Would one be preferable over the other? Would either work for my needs?

Jul 27, 2005
Point Nemo.
Couple of things…

The pigtail on the antenna is only going to be a couple of inches long. Unless you are going to have your scanner and antenna permanently joined at the end of that pigtail, you are really going to want a longer piece of cable. How long will depend on where your antenna is mounted in relation to your scanner.

The type of cable you will need will depend on how long that run is. At these frequencies, you really do need some good coaxial cable. You'd want a male N connector at the antenna end, and ideally, a female N connector at the other. The issue is that decent coax at these frequencies will be pretty stiff, so you don't want to connect it directly to the scanner. That will put a lot of strain on the antenna connector on your scanner. Standard industry practice is to run the heavy low loss cable from the antenna mount to the radio, then use a short more flexible jumper to make the final connection to your scanner.

If you really want to attach the pigtail from the antenna directly to the scanner, then you'll want a Male N to a Male SMA. You want to avoid additional adapters if you can avoid it. For one, it puts more strain on the antenna jack. Two, it adds to the signal loss. While the additional loss is slight, on the order of 0.1 or 0.2dB, you want to avoid it if you can.
Mar 4, 2004
Crafton Pennsylvania
Universal Radio sells quality low loss sma jumper cables, not expensive. While there will be a ever so slight amount of loss as mmckenna stated, it's nothing significant and not noticeable. Enjoy and have fun.
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