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Large Wildfire in Northern Michigan???

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Sep 3, 2004
Fire was/is on the southside of Grayling moving towards the lake and Camp Grayling. I do know they evacuated several homes, 6 were damaged. Not sure of the current status of this fire.

garryd451 said:
As I got out of the shower this morning I heard on the T.V., something about a very large Wildfire in Nothern Michigan, it started yesterday and has burn a number of homes.

Anybody know where this fire is and is it still burning?


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May 6, 2005
Ishpeming, Michigan
Lower Michigan fires

I've been listening to Talk Group 1217 last night and again this morning. I'm picking it up from the Negaunee Tower here in the UP. There's been a lot of radio traffic from all across northern Lower Michigan. Much of the talk has been about a fire in Isabella County (Mt. Pleasant area). Last night I heard various local fire departments calling in to say they are "clearing the Isabella County fire and heading for our station".

I've heard them talking to Traverse City, Mio, Grayling and a couple other locations; mostly DNR units, but also some local fire departments.

Hearing that particular talk group (1217) up here in the UP is new to me. I don't remember hearing it prior to this fire season.
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