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"Larning experience"... :-(

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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)

I "larned" something yesterday. Much to my dismay, as I was leaving Bossier City, LA and going back to Shreveport, I decided to "switch-over" (change banks) on my Pro-95. As I started the car, I turned the '95 on and pressed "0" then "1" to activate The Caddo 911 system "0" and drop the Bossier City Public Safety system ("1"), BEFORE the scanner fully activated. HUGE MISTEAK! :-0 eek! Instead of it going on to the normal screen, it said, "Initializing Scanner" and it dropped ALL of my programmed frequencies and saved "talk groups". Now I have a "blank" scanner. Ugggh!

I have the programming cable, but I can't get to the back of the wife's computer, since mine "died", to hook up the cable and download WIN '95! Soooo, all day today, I'll me "manually" re-programming the '95. "Ain't funny, McGee!" LOL!

Well, I guess I did "learn" something....don't ever DO that! and in making a bit of fun at my own expense, I'm passing this on so that YOU are for-warned. It's gonna be a real hassle in manually programming in all the Talk Groups I want to "keep" and their text tags, but I won't be in such a hurry NEXT time.

Now, you're wondering WHY didn't I just leave the Bossier Public Safety "IN" or WHY wasn't Caddo 911 just left "IN" all the time? Well, I just probably had a "Senior Moment", when I crossed the Red River Bridge into Bossier City and only wanted to hear their traffic instead of having to distinguish between the two. Sometimes, I know that they have "competing traffic" and one over rules the other and I miss part of a transmission. This is especially true if one has a bad wreck or some other "event" that I should be made aware of. No, I don't go to accident scenes or fires. However, I do HATE to be caught up in a traffic jam on I-20 because of a wreck. I'd rather plan an alternative route to save time and gasoline, LOL!

Well, I hope ALL of you have a tremendous weekend. We're expecting some rain, so I'll stay inside, listen to my scanners and "yak" on my Icom 706MkII-G. ;-)

Respectfully submitted,

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