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Late to the game: Whistler Scanners & Streaming

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Oct 26, 2003
Lake Arrowhead, Southern California
I have been using Uniden scanners and Commercial two-way radios for streaming audio for many years now. Since 2002 to be exact. I've been looking at the advertisements for the Whistler TRX-2 and I am blown away at their capabilities.

Ice cream from 3 high altitude locations and one drawback with Uniden scanners has always been front end overload that appears like intermod. It isn't really but when the front end is driven into overload it appears to be. Paging noise and bleeps and bloops and whatnot. I would 1.2 miles from a major paging transmitter and it will blotto CALFIRE. I successfully use the PAR electronics intermod filter. But to the point, How do the Whistler scanners hold up at high altitude sites surrounded by high power repeaters and fm broadcast stations, etc.?

Can anyone tell me if ProScan supports the TRX - 2?

I have about 20 feet that I've been thinking seriously about bringing over here but it's time to upgrade part of the hardware. Your learned advice will be appreciated. I said humbly I am an old hat streaming pet scanners have changed as well as the new digital formats.
Not open for further replies.