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Latest spam e mail Ive received

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Jul 28, 2004
Cromwell CT
I get those to...it makes no sense what so ever...meet seedy people so the good lords will can be done!!! its ludicrous, i dont even know where these people get this stuff from...

Dec 19, 2002
Somewhere in this room. Right now, you're very col
joe_disco_electronics said:
The subject line was "Meet Christian singles today"

The sender was Jesus Christ.

Im not making this up.
Well it's about time JC got with the 21st century! I mean really, even Santa Claus can receive snail mail but until now, all you could do was talk into thin air and hope He heard ya. Now all he needs is a blackberry.


Apr 26, 2004
Maybe the OP should share the email address for JC's dating site! I'm sure there are many thousands of individuals (if not even more!) who would really love to send a personal message to Jesus Christ. So what if it's most likely not going to be christian dating related, after all the email sender obviously HAS to be Jesus who is all powerful and can deal with all the extra hits to his inbox.

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