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Leland, NC help

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Dec 19, 2002
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It's in Sentinel - what is the date of your database?
Where are you physically located?

- Paging Marshall - This is your area a;most) :)


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Jun 26, 2001
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As this is a location specific question, I've moved it to the North Carolina forum and I've edited the title to something more meaningful.


Jan 21, 2002
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Hey RGuthrie14! Welcome to RR.com!
I think we can help you out.
1st off is to have you import a Sentinel hpe file I created that has
the Brunswick County Talkgroups/channels and the 3 VIPER tower sites located in
Brunswick County (Supply, Pea Landing, and Bolivia).
Follow these steps:
1) Download the "Brunswick County VIPER.zip" file attached to this post.
Note where you download it onto your computer. Extract the Brunswick County VIPER.hpe file from the zip file and save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it.
2) Follow the step by step directions here in the RR Wiki on how to import an hpe file into Sentinel:
Importing and Exporting Sentinel .hpe Files - The RadioReference Wiki
3) Once you have imported the hpe into Sentinel go into your profile manager by selecting Edit->Edit Profile.
4) Look at the "Service Types" tab and make sure all service types are selected.
5) Look at the "Favorites Lists" tab and make sure the Brunswick County VIPER Favorites List is selected for both Monitoring and Download with location control off. Also make sure all other favorites lists have monitoring and download selected as "off". Also make sure the "Monitor Full Database" box is unchecked.
6) Connect your HomePatrol to your computer and Write the changes back to your Homepatrol by selecting HomePatrol->Write to HomePatrol.
7) Once Sentinel has written the changes to your HomePatrol you can then disconnect the Hompatrol from your computer and it should power cycle and upon restart you should start to hear Brunswick County communications.
Hope this helps!
Marshall KE4ZNR


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