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List of Talk Groups and Radio I.D.'s

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Feb 24, 2015
The Great State of Louisiana
Hey everyone. Hoping all are having a nice Christmass season. I have put all of the talk groups and radio I.D.'s that I have logged into an Excel spreadsheet for any one to look at if they want. There are a number of unidentified T.G.'s as well as some encrypted ones. Also a number of TDMA talk groups that are not listed as such in database. I don't have a lot of time to try to sort out MSWIN stuff as I stay busy working on LWIN stuff as well as other local radio projects. These have been culled from my work trips across south Ms. to Mobile as well as weekly trips to Jackson, down 49 towards Lamar county,i-20 to Warren county and across 98 and 84. I will continue logging where ever I go and will post new loggings as I get them.


Not open for further replies.