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List of UP Service Units and Subdivisions


Technischer Guru
Sep 22, 2002

Planning a trip and looking up info. I've located a region/service unit map and a list of subdivisions, but no information on what subdivision belongs to which region.

Is there a list out there somewhere which shows what subdivisions belong to which regions/service units for UP?


Global Database Admin
Database Admin
Aug 23, 2002
They are sort of mutually exclusive. Western railroads are not organized like some of the eastern ones.

Regions, service units and subdivisions may span across multiple subdivisions and timetables.

A good example off the top of my head (not nessesarly the case with the last reorganization) but Cheyenne Yard was located between the Sidney and Laramie Subdivsions, in the Denver Service unit, in the North Platte Timetable, in the northern region.

Cheyenne east was under the auspicious of the North Platte Service unit, and west was the Denver Service Unit.

Now the Cheyenne terminal is under the management of the new Great Plains Service Unit (North Platte), but the road west and south is under the Rocky Mountain Service unit headquartered in Salt Lake.

For BNSF and UP, all you need to do it look at the subdivisions. The rest really isn't important.