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Local analog signal drops, is it bleed-over?

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Dec 31, 2005
Florence, Kentucky
I've had this issue ever since I got my Pro-106, where my local dispatch (in Boone Co, KY) will occasionally drop in the middle of a transmission, and by that I mean the radio thinks the signal is gone and continues to scan, only to come right back to it.

So, recently I acquired a really old radio for nostalgia, a Realistic Patrolman SW-60, and I tuned it to the local dispatch. What I found was that I would also occasionally hear other nearby frequencies. Could this be the reason why my radio drops out? Or is my radio possibly broken? It's been doing this since I got it, and it does it in other places, not just in my house.

The frequency I listen to is in the UHF range, and it doesn't seem like it happens on other frequencies.

If it is bleed-over, is there a setting I can tweak on the Pro-106?




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Jul 18, 2009
My 106 ALWAYS did this. I never figured it out and promptly sold that piece of crap.


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Mar 22, 2005
Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.
If it were bleed over you'd hear the sidebands of the other transmission. Hams call it splatter and sometimes buckshot, in any case you'd recognize something on the channel that just doesn't belong there. You may be experiencing front end desensitization (de-sense) from an extremely strong in band signal or have an issue within the receiver itself.

You can confirm the former by engaging the attenuator on that particular channel's programming, if the trouble is mitigated or goes away entirely you've fixed it. If it's something else I don't know what to tell you without knowing the particulars of your settings.

"...it doesn't seem like it happens on other frequencies."
Doesn't seem like sounds like a guess, without confirmation I can't be sure of much of anything.
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