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Long range RC equipment on 433MHZ

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Sep 13, 2014
Hey I was wondering what laws apply this Tx and Rx system.

OrangeRx OpenLRS Tx Module
Compatibility: 5-pin Futaba compatible module-based transmitters
Frequency: 433MHz
Voltage input: 6.8~12VDC
IC: Atmega328P
Power: 1000mW
Range: Full range system
Now im assuming i will need my Ham license to use this Tx. But my other questions are what power limit do i have and is there any other restrictions? Thank you in advance.


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Jun 9, 2014
Palm Beach Co., FL
Here's a start:

§97.215 Telecommand of model craft.

An amateur station transmitting signals to control a model craft may be operated as follows:

(a) The station identification procedure is not required for transmissions directed only to the model craft, provided that a label indicating the station call sign and the station licensee's name and address is affixed to the station transmitter.

(b) The control signals are not considered codes or ciphers intended to obscure the meaning of the communication.

(c) The transmitter power must not exceed 1 W.

[54 FR 25857, June 20, 1989, as amended at 56 FR 56171, Nov. 1, 1991]

From the FCC site:

eCFR — Code of Federal Regulations
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