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Longwave DX logs here

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Oct 7, 2010
West Michigan
I usually don't DX this time of year but decided to hook up the long wire antennas and tune around the bands. Coming through on LW right now:

153 khz, strong carrier but no audio
162 khz, France International with music and French talk, signal weak but readable, no fading noticed, the strongest of the bunch.
171 khz, weak audio
183 khz, Europe 1 coming in about the same level as France.
198 khz, Some muffled talk, presumed BBC but tough copy with the summer noise.
207 khz, strong carrier but no audio
216 khz, weak carrier
252 khz, Talk and music heard here but beacon interference is rough, can't tell if it's Ireland or Algeria.

Looks like my DX season has begun. Game on!
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