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Macalester College

Apr 29, 2006
Does anybody here know what Macalester College is doing for radios currently? It appears as if they have a couple of current FCC licenses. Pure speculation on my part is that they may have had some analog FM repeaters and then got licensed for a digital system. I also know that some organizations get licensed, but don't necessarily get those systems on the air either.

Here is a "laundry list" of those frequencies. The last one appears to be expired. Sometimes organizations continue to operate on expired license, however.

1) 461.325

2) 464.175

3) 461.675

4) 461.900

5) 451.5313

6) 452.7563

7) 461.3688

8) 461.7313

9) 151.7450

ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional License - WPGA277 - MACALESTER COLLEGE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Trunked License - WQPH484 - MACALESTER COLLEGE FACILITIES SERVICES
Apr 29, 2006
I heard activity on 461.325000. It is a part of a MOTO TRBO Capacity Plus system and is using Color Code 12.
Dec 19, 2002
Twin Cites Area MN
I believe 461.325 CC12 is part of the Communications Management Group Cap + System in Downtown Minneapolis.
I used to monitor Mac Security on 464.175 analog but that went silent a few years ago after the trunks License appeared- I have not been able to pick up the trucked sytem From my monitoring locations.
Apr 29, 2006

Thank you so much for the reply. Now that I think about it, that is totally consistent with what I was hearing, too. I didn't hear any of the other frequencies, which wouldn't make sense IF the others were all part of a Capacity Plus MOTO TRBO system. Plus, it is licensed as 11K2F3E, which is straight up narrow-band FM, not MOTO TRBO. And, the license specifies conventional, not trunked.

The other four frequencies are licensed as trunked. I definitely need to do some more listening when I am in that area.