MD-380 Audio Issue


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Dec 17, 2010
I installed the new version of firmware which allows one to load a Database with the DMR users.
But I have noticed when I am on a particular reflector via my Hotspot that even though I press the press to talk button to link with the reflector the radio goes to sleep.

What I mean is that even though my hotspot is showing that people are talking on that reflector I am not hearing the conversation. Now, if I press the press to talk button again the audio comes back. Or, as this happened this morning there was a gentlemen on and when his database details was on my screen it all of a sudden turned the color gray and the audio stopped.

Is this possibly a firmware issue? To be honest I would rather have the audio working and not worry so much about the database. Not sure whether the database is overloading the radio or what. Maybe the radio I have has an issue. Not sure whether I was to do a complete reset whether that would solve the problem.

Plus, not sure how to do a complete reset back to factory standards. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Griffin, KB3Z