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Medtrans / Life FLight Helo / Honea Path FD

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Aug 29, 2010
Living out in the South East Rural area of Anderson County, I usually listen to the Small town and Rural FD's.

An incident / call was received by HP Fire which needed support from life flight. Here is what happened radio wise. This is the second time this year that I have personally heard this happen.

Here goes:

Honea Path FD requests Lifeflight through dispatch to assist ON HP FD UHF Freq. Check
LifeFlight confers with dispatch on Pal 800. Talk Group. Gets coordinates. Away we go. Check
Honea Path attempt to contact LifeFLight on HP FD UHF Freq. No response
LifeFlight is told to contact HP FD on there UHF Freq. They try to use the pal 800. No Contact.
This goes on for several minutes. No one able to talk to each other.

Knowing that both parties have pal 800 radios. One would think that not having contact once would warrant a meeting of the minds and establishing a set contact procedure.

All the money the county has spent on radio systems. Plus P25 has pretty much taken over everything but SCHP. Just does not make sense.

If I can here both sides with my "radio shack" specials. Seem like they could figure this out. Again, not first time this has happened.

Just my .43 Cents. Have nothing but respect for all parties involved and jobs they do.



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Dec 18, 2002
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Sounds like Life Flight needs to reprogram their radios to be sure they have the proper tones etc for HPFD.


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Dec 10, 2000
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That's exactly what the State Air-Ground talkgroup is for, right? I heard LifeStar from Savannah talking to a Jasper County FD unit this morning on State Air-Ground, and I was listening to the Spartanburg tower. That's pretty neat.

I think Milf is correct- it's probably a challenge to keep those helo conventional radios up to date with current programming.
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