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Microsoft USB Key Cracker

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Oct 19, 2001
Dallas Tx
Found this on the EDN site.


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May 6, 2008
Technical Editor Paul Rako looks at analog technology in power supplies, interface, the signal path, and life in general.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Microsoft makes spy tools for Big Brother
May 6 2008 5:23AM | Permalink | Email this | Comments (8) |
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Microsoft has developed a spy device that plugs into a computer’s USB port and then sucks out all the passwords and decrypts them. That along with histories and caches and all the other things that might implicate you in anything the government does not like. Yeah, Microsoft, Windows, and Security are three worlds that never went together too well. Other than yet another reason to despise Microsoft, this raises some very interesting issues. Remember when the Justice Department had Microsoft dead-to-rights on antitrust and non-competitive behavior? Remember how Microsoft was proved in court to have licensed Java from Sun and then in blatant violation of the license and the very intent of the Java program—they “improved” the Microsoft version so it would only work with Microsoft browsers? Remember how everyone was thinking that the Justice Department might just break Microsoft up the way Judge Greene broke up AT&T years before?
Well, you might also remember Microsoft walked out of that plea-bargain with a slap on the wrist and wagging finger as opposed to prison time for everyone above the level of group leader. We all wondered what Microsoft did in order to skate. Back then Microsoft was developing he evil Palladium system for Digital Rights Management and general computer snooping and making sure us peons had no real control over our machines and that we didn’t have ownership of anything, software, or media. I postulated that Microsoft showed Justice all the great spying-big-brother-snoop-snitch crap it was working on and said: “Wouldn’t you Feds like access to every computer in the world while sitting on your fat overpaid government butt?” And the Feds saw that this would be great to collect taxes and bust Mafiosi and dope dealers. And they always bring out child porn issue when it is time for us to surrender yet more of our civil rights to the great overlords in Washington DC. So they made the deal—the Justice department lets Microsoft off easy and Microsoft makes sure everything they do can deliver us to a Big Brother fascist police stare. A marriage made in heaven.
Well this spy gizmo is the other shoe dropping; Microsoft, having made sure that their operating systems and applications are unsecured was really a feature—yeah, they meant to do that. This way they can let the government spy on us without those pesky warrants and stuff that area so time consuming and inconvenient. Between the phone company and Carnivore and Microsoft and this gizmo I hope you see that your rights are being sold down the river so a bunch of corporate pigs can keep engaging in monopolistic behavior. And sure—the government keeps telling us how this is all for our own good. As long as we don’t get uppity or anything. I wonder if Microsoft has implemented the feature on this new spy gismo that installs some child porn on anyone’s computer that is too critical of the government or Microsoft? Welcome to our Brave New World; hail the emperor and his viziers.

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at 5/6/2008 1:41:57 PM, NativeMan said:
Wow, are you just waking up to this? This is nothing new. Ask the Natives of this continent if they think the government is evil. What do you think the answer is? Only you people are blind to this. The American middle class are the only people left to screw. Get Ready, here it comes.

at 5/6/2008 1:45:29 PM, Ha said:
Land of the .... free?

at 5/6/2008 1:47:05 PM, NativeMan said:
Well, it was FREE until the illegal aliens arrived from Europe...

at 5/6/2008 1:51:34 PM, d said:
Everyone go buy an Apple.

at 5/6/2008 2:22:24 PM, W17053 said:
What was the name of that movie with Sandra Bullock?!?

at 5/6/2008 2:28:46 PM, Bucky said:
Sandra Bullock movie...where she was in the beauty pagent?

at 5/6/2008 2:43:59 PM, J. Williams said:
You mean to say that you don't have a firewall set up on your router? Tsk, tsk. If Windows is all that separates your data from the Internet, then shame on you. That's not Microsoft's fault. To get to your USB port, they will need a warrant.

at 5/6/2008 3:19:23 PM, Anon said:
I agree with everything said in this article... I've even had the same thoughts a long time ago before I even read this article. Microsoft definitely does have their little secret "deal" with the fbi/government. Its digusting what our country has become for losing our rights. Of course the Government didn't stop there, they also want the ISP's to known spy on us by retaining data for years. This of course is all illegal, yet they get away with it.
Feb 26, 2005
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
They have already had "keyloggers" that connect to the back of your pc that do just this very thing. As well as software programs that record and save everything and upload it to a random server somewhere at certain times. This is nothing new...


Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Mar 22, 2005
Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.
"Microsoft has developed a spy device that plugs into a computer’s USB port and then sucks out all the passwords and decrypts them."

What does it do when there are no passwords stored in the computer?

"That along with histories and caches and all the other things that might implicate you in anything the government does not like."

What does it do when it finds them overwritten by several layers of random garbage?

The blog was written by some ignoramus with a rant bug up his butt and likely writes viruses aimed at Microsoft operating systems and software. Please wake me when somebody gets a clue, then I'll tell you what the device sucked out of him.

Oh by the waaaaay, next time you do a copy and paste job please omit all that irrelevant garbage needlessly cluttering up your post. Better yet, just paste in the link and save all that work.
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Oct 14, 2006
An inline hardware based keystroke logger will do that and much more without the need to decrypt anything. Nothing new.
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