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Milair listeners

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Oct 11, 2005
Jawjuh :)
Videos and MP3 Files

Hi,Jody (AND anyone, actually) - If you have an MP3's of MilAir, I am going to add a section to my http://a2g.net SPECIFICALLY for MilAir Audio files (MP3, preferred)..

Just starting yesterday..

Anyone can send them (with a required description) to me (and donor name, page and/or mail to show if desired) at:


creating matrix now.. :)

Kep an eye out (and antennas grounded) for that severe Wx threat tonite-tomorrow!

Tom in N. GA (AIRPORT 49A)

zguy1243 said:
Hey guys,

Wanted to pass along the link to my youtube page. I am starting to add my milair videos up on there. I will be adding new stuff there as it comes.


North Georgia
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