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Motorola CDM1250 Repeater Setup

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Oct 26, 2010
I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I still cant find the information I need. With that being said I have a question about using two Motorola CDM1250's to make a portable repeated. I have them set up with a cheep Ebay special RICK cable. I am getting kick back from it, but it does not seem to be passing audio. Once I get this working and see that it is possible, I plan on purchasing a duplexer and an actual Motorola repeater interface box. I am trying to used 155.160 as the RX channel and 159.735 as the TX (Yes they are licensed frequencies and yes I have the authority to be using them.) Thanks in advance all.

TX Settings

RX Settings
Mar 7, 2002
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You think it might help if you provided what pin connections your using to pass the TX audio, RX audio and how your connecting the signal controlling the PTT from the receiver to the transmitter?

Your not going to get much help without giving those that might want to help something to work with.

On another point here, the CDM doesn't have very good shielding or isolation from signals outside the radio. This alone will make them a poor choice for repeater use unless you crank the TX power way back.
Jun 16, 2013
That tells us what's being used that's programmable, not the fixed pins though.

Is the amber monitor light on?

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