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Motorola Region 6 Bay Area engineering report on rebanding

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Dec 19, 2002
Livermore, Ca
Interesting report that was dug up on the rebanding of 800 mhz in the bay area..


Some of the interesting tidbits proposed.

The results of the Region 6 Repacking effort are summarized below. In addition,
we have provided a depiction of the new plan in three ways: 1) in a spreadsheet format,
sequential by frequency, 2) visually, in a complete Northern California Graphic, and 3)
by agency, showing each new frequency.
1. Twenty (20) additional channels for East Bay P25 RCS for a total number of
58 channels which could be used to provide an interoperable solution for
Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and the City of Oakland.
2. One (1) additional channel for the City of San Jose that is between guard bands
and therefore is eligible to receive a waiver to operate in a wide band (25
kHz) configuration.
3. Two (2) additional channels for the City of Santa Clara.
4. All eleven (11) BART channels can be used from Contra Costa County to
Santa Clara County.
5. The current frequency allocation does not change for the following agencies:
American Red Cross Bay Area, State of California Mutual Aid, State of
California CYA at Yountville (Napa), Emeryville/Piedmont, City of Fresno,
City of Ceres, State of Nevada, Regents of UC state-wide channels (5 at all
campuses), and City of Turlock
6. All Ten (10) channels for the City of Roseville meet the criteria of Adjacent
and Co-channel.

Considerations for the Future
1. If San Francisco expands to a P25 system, there are six (6) additional channels
that the agency could use.
2. If the County of Santa Clara defines the protected service area for southern
part of the county they maybe able to find spectrum for that portion of the
3. Due to the proximity of other Bay Area licenses we were unable to find
channels for the City of Hayward. The proposed East Bay P25 RCS would
have sufficient capacity to support the City of Hayward users.
Jun 27, 2003
Just to prevent confusion on the issue - this report is not about "rebanding" (i.e. the whole Nextel driven frequency swap mess). Rather this is about shuffling everyone around within the NPSPAC channels, to use them more efficiently - that is "repacking" the existing users of the NPSPAC channels.

A small amount of additional info can be found on the NPSPAC Region 6 web page at http://www.rgn6rpc.org/
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