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movie name help

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Feb 10, 2007
hello this is probaly in the 70"s but not sure, the movie is about a black guy keeps breaking into & terrorizing an old folks apartment complex it is not defiance anyway into the movie they people finally get together a figure out a way to catch him they make a pair of locking wrist cuffs when he breaks into one of the rooms the older guy grabs his arms around his back and the wrist cuffs kinda lock in place and someone calls the cops and they finally get him locked up after he is taking away a younger black kid walks up to the front of the complex and starts banging his fists together saying the king but not sure he says something anyway it seems like its going to start all over again, this is at the end of the movie just when the people thought they finally were safe again then the little young black kid comes up and does this, can anyone remember this movie and what the name is again it is not defiance,, thank you for youre help
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