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Msgs for MOTOTRBO,NXDN and ProVoice

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Jul 22, 2002
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Many moons ago I had suggested that the database be modified to handle warnings about how certain systems could only be trunked with applications. Now that we have MOTOTRBO, ProVoice (and NXDN - well, almost...) support in scanners, I think it's time to think about this again.

The wiki has had this capability for years now; we use certain templates to warn users what they need to use to hear a particular trunk type. In fact, this is being done right now for Phase 2 systems, so there is an obvious precedent. Here are the 3 templates for these trunk types

Template:Tracker DMR - The RadioReference Wiki

Template:Tracker NXDN - The RadioReference Wiki

Template:Tracker Provoice - The RadioReference Wiki

Notice that these messages point to a wiki article, much as the Phase 2 message currently does in the database. The benefits to a newcomer are obvious. While I agree that we can't be seen as 'selling scanners', this is no different in practice to when someone asks what s/he needs to copy their local trunk. In fact, the Phase 2 message points to those scanners that can handle that mode.

Now I see 2 tasks to apply this. First is to apply the right message to the right trunk type in existing entries. I see some SQL doing this task. Next is to modify the data entry form so that if one of these types is being documented, it automatically generates the correct message. I would think that this would be a perl application or similar. No web service changes would be needed here.

The message could be placed in the Misc System Information area (perhaps with some banner or coloring to make it stand out), so no form modifications to this part of the database would be needed.

This could also be done with MPT-1327, LTR MultiNet and Passport, Open Sky, Tetra (we have templates for all of these) and iDEN trunks.

How about it Tom? Mike
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