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Muckleshoot Casino LTR

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Jun 19, 2002
Muckleshoot has built out their LTR system, WQFX650.

I don't know the LCN for the freqs yet, because I just dropped them all in the PSR500 and it automatically moved them into the right order, but there's some weird ones in there as well, so I can't figure out how to read them. Talkgroups as follows:

0-01-102- VGD Channel (slot attendants)

0-01-104- Housekeeping channel

0-01-106- Kitchen traffic, possibly a supervisor's channel

0-01-107- Bar traffic (still need that Patron!)

0-01-108- IT Department fixing slots

0-01-120- Security Primary (poss Ch-1)

0-01-123- Parking Security channel, called Ch-3
Sep 24, 2007
Do you know when they built this? Not that long ago they were just on a conventional repeater (or it might have been simplex). I remember picking them up pretty easily in '07 but it was boring so I stopped listening. Now that it's LTR it'll be more interesting; finding the proper LCNs and figuring out what TGs are is fun!
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