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Multi-Site Question

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Aug 11, 2002
Ft Worth, TX
When scanning a multi-site system, does the PSR-600/Pro-197 only track talk groups on the first control channel it receives? On the new Fort Worth Regional P25 system it seems that radios on some talk groups show up on one site while others show up on a different site even though the 2 sites are in very close proximity to each other. Maybe this is done to balance the load on the system? For example, Fort Worth PD talk groups are on the Fort Worth Simulcast site while most (but not all) Public Works talk groups are on the Fort Worth Public Works (previously labeled as Tarrant County Simulcast) site. Whereas i can hear talkgroups from multiple sites on a Uniden 996T, I only seem to hear them from one site on a PSR-600.
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