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My Recent Trip To Atlantic City


Active Member
Jan 15, 2007
Roselle Park, NJ
First off, I close-called the following frequencies:

417.025 (PL 156.7) - just a quick open mic key up? Could this be DEA?

467.750 - CSQ (no voice, just a few key ups I close called on the boardwalk)

462.5875 - CSQ (could possibly be the Tram car operators or a business on the boardwalk). All I heard were guys saying "ok stop" a few times with foreign accents.

464.7125 - DMR (close called near Ceasars), although picked up nothing on 464.625

I also picked up a few Coast Guard transmissions on 157.100 and 157.050.

On 155.175, I did hear a few sporadic EMS dispatch calls to Northfield, but no Atlantic City calls. Not sure if EMS for AC is using this frequency still? Also, heard zero activity on 154.025 (even if this frequency is still used, not full time anymore).

Also, heard nothing on 453.675 (which is supposed to be the Convention Center security.

Hopefully some of you folks who are local can confirm some of these findings and report back/update the DB as needed.