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My Shack "Updated"

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Jun 27, 2011
Chester County, PA
Here's my shack that I built fully myself. The desk on the left I built, the rack and the scanner bracket on the bottom was custom built.

From left to right in the first picture:

Compaq Presario CQ60

Motorola MT-1000 "Personal Use"

GE MPA "Personal UHF Channels"

Motorola Minitor III "Chester County Station 48 and 73"

Top To Bottom On My Rack:

Motorola MaxTrac 300 "Listen to PA Turnpike and Personal VHF"

Motorola Moxy "Personal UHF"

Kenwood Power Supply "For Both Radios, I only use one at a time!"

Realistic Pro - 2020 "Chester County, Lancaster County, HAM"

Yeasu FT-7900R

MFJ 25AMP Mighty Lite Power Supply

Custom Portable Scanner Mount On Bottom Of Rack:

Radio Shack Pro - 135

Behind the Pro - 135:

Kenwood TK-320 UHF "Explorer Post Channels"

The Right Desk:

Motorola Minitor III "Chester County Station 87"

Motorola FRS/GMRS Radios


Antenna: "I cut one side off of a piece of angle iron and mounted the antenna to it, It is screwed onto the window sash"

Radio Shack Scanner Antenna

Yagi Antenna that is older than I am "Not Pictured"

The Ham Antenna is a Commet GP-3, mounted on a piece of TV antenna pipe that I found in my attic.


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