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MyAntennas CMC-VHF-2K choke

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May 28, 2009
Has anyone tried this choke, rated for 110-180 mhz?

This looks to be a good choke alternative for those who make those "folded back braid" dipoles, which don't actually work the way you think they do. (close coupling / small spacing of the folded braid renders these types of antennas to be off-center fed dipole, and not half-waves)

From airband receive to maybe high-power 2m emergency use, it has my attention since I used one of their rx-only chokes on my on-ground-loop project with great success.

I'm thinking just cut a half-wave of coax, cut a quarter wave of braid away from it, and then attach to the choke. Now I just need to find a 2kw vhf source to test it! :)
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