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Navy Plane Down in field SW of Cambridge Airport

Mar 27, 2012
MD - Eastern Shore
A little while ago I heard an MSP Trooper from the Easton Barracks tell dispatch that he saw a Navy plane go down SW of Cambridge airport, and he was headed that way to look for it. The Trooper did ask for EMS and Fire Department to respond. Unfortunately, I'm too far away to hear anything on the Dorchester County or Cambridge systems. Several Troopers were headed that way, and at least one is in the field where the plane landed (crashed? I don't know).

That's about all I've heard. I hope the pilot is okay. Has anybody else heard anything about this incident?


Premium Subscriber
Jun 23, 2004
Any more info on this incident? I'm curious of the aircraft type, and was it a crash or a precautionary landing. Sounds like a rotorcraft.