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NC SHP Troop F scanning in Boone. Need Help Please!

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Jan 7, 2013
I recently purchased a uniden BCD396xt scanner because I could never pick up the SHP on my old scanner and I needed to go digital at some point any way. My problem is that after Downloading the newest version of Freescan and loading all the local and state Radio Reference databases I still cant hear the SHP. I get some Viper stuff clear as a bell but i cant make sense of it and no disbatch or car talk. I understand I probably wont get all the car talk with the ruber duck antenna however I assumed I would at least get disbatch and hopefully some car talk. I have tried all input and output channels listed as well as what they say is the repeater. (42.6000, 42.6600, 42.6400 and 456.3000 also several others) Sometimes it stops on the low band but I cant hear anything at all. I am trying to monitor troop F in watauga county if that was unclear. Any input or ideas would be very very helpful. Thanks


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Mar 24, 2007
Charlotte, NC
First off, welcome to the board, and congrats on getting the 396XT, it's a damn good scanner.

You're only hearing once side of the conversation on VIPER because only the dispatch side is linked. The only time you hear a trooper on VIPER will be when he/she is using their 800 MHz portable. I'm not sure if there are 800 MHz radios installed in the cars yet.

It will be very difficult to hear the troopers on low-band unless you are really close to them (around a mile or so). Being in the mountains makes it that much more difficult. Last time I was up there (August?) there was very little to be heard on VIPER, and short of passing a traffic stop on the way up the mountain, I didn't hear a peep on low band.

Don't forget to have 154.680 & 155.445 programmed in, they might still be using the VHF vehicle repeaters to talk back on the low band radios. Both frequencies use 131.8 PL.

Good luck, let us know if you make any head way.
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