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BCD396XT: NC VIPER 800mHz and 700mHz and FreeScan

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Oct 29, 2012
So I am looking a getting a Uniden BCD396XT scanner. The frequency range that this scanner covers fits what I need (Northeastern NC and Southeaster VA (Hampton Roads area)). I am using the FreeScan Software to start setting up systems and groups for it, so once I purchase the scanner, I can plus in and program instead of waiting for a while. For Pitt County NC and other Counties that use the 800 NC VIPER System (DEC and HEX), how to I program those talkgroups into a scanner. Be advised, some channels are 700, some are 800. I am stuck doing this. Do I need to program all the NC VIPER Channels into a system and just go with that? My goal is to have a bank or group for FIRE/EMS and another for Law Enforcement, that way I can turn one set off and on when I want to listen.

Thanks everyone!!!
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